Show Me How home inspection videos. Watch it, learn it, do it.

Hey Nick,
first I want to thank all of the NACHI inspectors who have purchased our inspection training videos.

Next I want to let all NACHI members know we just realesed 2 more videos and a third to be released soon.

1. Swimming Pool Inspections, Safety and Maintenance
with Rick Yerger, a veteran home inspector and instructor. Rick has inspected hundreds of swimming pools and is sharing his knowlege with you.
List $29.95
NACHI Members only pay $25.95 enter coupon code NACHIPOOL

2. Real Estate Investing Fundamental
Several experienced investors share their knowledge with you. Links to free foreclosure and REO websites are included.
List price $69.95
NACHI Members only pay $49.95 enter coupon code NACHIINVEST

3. Electrical Code Series, Equipment (available Sept 1, 2006, order yours now)
Rick Neall a seasoned Electrcial Code Inspector walks you through the inspection process of equipment, includes equipment load calculations and much more.
List price $39.95
NACHI Members pay only $29.95 enter discount code NACHINECCODE

There is also a new code for 20% off of a multi unit order just enter nachidiscount,** we have no way to offer individual coupons for multi unit orders at this time. We were trying to come up with someway to help save on shipping by combining the orders. Please use which ever codes save you the most.
thanks again Steve

Stephen -

These videos look pretty good. I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post to my network of 100+ inspectors across the country. Let me know if you get some orders, OK?

Has anyone else seen these videos - and if so, how about posting a review here?


I have often seen these videos offered on Ebay. Prices may vary.


We have been getting a great response from the NACHI members, thank you so much.
We have had some NACHI members wanting to order more than one video at a time so we created a flat 20% off coupon to simplify the videos.
thanks agiain to all NACHI members

Great marketing concept! Get a good response and then actually raise the prices, at least on 2 of the 3 available videos. :roll:

Sorry for any confusion, my last reply show say all original coupons are in place, use which ever gives you the best rate. I was posting an update. Again sorry for any confusion.

I just want to thanks everyone in NACHI for thier support. Some NACHI members are ordering more than one DVD at a time and we have set up a flat 20% off discount for them.
just enter nachdiscount in the redeem coupon area.

The original coupons are still in place, so please use what ever gives you the best rate.

We are working on a per item coupon but it will take some time. Please excuse the dust while we continue to improve our store for you. We appreciate all of your input so we can give you the best service avaialbe, we want to earn your business.

thanks again

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