This is a lot of IR camera for the price

Most never use the software that comes with an IR camera to write a report.

Those questions were really stupid Phake Rubert,

Hence the large letter replies/

Mr. Oliveira. Do you use IR? Apparently not by your intellectual absence.

My 2 cameras are $14,000 in IR equipment today.

Good luck with your Infrared studies and equipment choice.

John, most are not all.

Phake RUbert does not know how to read the original post, as it contained the information he asked about. :roll:

So you paid too much for your IR equipment, the Seek Reveal probably has better specs than yours and costs 1/10 as much. Who is intellectually challenged? Where is the so sad comment the real Robert would make?:roll:

Sample of seek revealpro… 320x240

I enlarged the image 25%


120 x 160 resolution.
80 mk.
I paid $1750.00.
Now just under $4,000 with tax.
Still as good as it was 5 years ago.

I would think that the more affordable the IR equipment, the more the numbers of people using it, and the more of a need for IR training.

We can azk RUBErt if it meatz wit hiz appruvle:roll:

One would think you are a boob.
I’d concur.:slight_smile:

Bathroom image with Seek RevealPRO
I did not enlarge this one.


John, Do you have any color palette images with RevealPro .

Thanks John.
You should have put some tape on the pot on the stove.

Jeff, 9 palettes.
4 emissivity settings.
Good sensitivity. Same as the Ti 32 rental I am currently using.

Love the increase in sensitivity over my Ti300.
Dewpoint setting is awesome.
Down side is all manual operations.

I have to put them side by side to see the difference in the lens to screen relationship.
Ti300 and Ti100 are silicon. Ti32 is germanium.

What are you using Jeffry.

Here you go…

Exterior Steps.PNG

Exterior Steps.PNG


Robert, I have a T400

John, Thanks for adding color palette images

Thanks John.

WOW, Ti400. Good for you Jeff.
Thanks for chiming in.
Post an image Jeff.
Like to see some 320x240 comparisons.

I am looking at the Ti450 with super resolution.
Primo instruments always give me a good discount. GOOD!


Where do you buy it for $559?

Those cameras are gone now. I found some sale prices at and
the price was $483 (the promo codes are listed on the front page when
they hit the fan.) list at $593… then take off another 15% when you sign up
for the email newsletter.

Robert, I have the Flir T-400 not a Fluke

My apologies. Flir T400 is a nice camera.