New Thermal Imager Manufacturer

I have been awaiting Fotric to market the new thermal imagers in North America. Fluke and Flir appear to be slow in introducing more features and more intent upon keeping share holders content than moving the industry forward for thermographers at any level.
Too bad.
So sad.
More so Fluke than Flir.

Fotric 340 series thermal cameras appear to be piercing the infrared thermal camera software envelope for building inspectors and its about time.
I thought supper resolution would be main stream for any IR camera over $3,000 but no. Keeping share holders content instead of moving the industry forward and creating high end jobs is almost moot.
Tell me what you think.

Hi Robert,
I have been very content with the following:

Relatively inexpensive, great IR resolution, the decent flashlight centers on the center of the IR image (helpful in pinpointing the IR feature with your field of view), slightly water resistant, holds up to minor bumps, long run time. I have no affiliation with Seek besides having purchased 2 units (earlier version had less resolution).

Hi, John. Hope you and your loved ones are well.

I am familiar with this model. Thank you. John McKenna, God rest his soil, posted about Seek IR models.

Personally, I prefer larger hand held models. Features and software the driving force. I will look at buying a used revalpro for a backup when training inspectors. At the moment my Ti100 is less friendly than my Ti300 but I will not put my Ti300 in any students hands at the moment.

Thanks, John.
Keep well.