This little puppy grows

The first photo is 2 mths old and the second is 5 mths old.
This dog is growing like a weed. This photo was turned in
by one of our puppy buyers.

Good looking dog John.

I used to raise Goldens and it was always fun to see how they turned out and get referrals from happy customers.

My daughter just adopted/rescued a 2 YO GS from a family when the husband was shipped out. He is a beautiful dog. Although as big as he is, he thinks he is a lap dog. At night he bring a blanket into the bedroom and covers himself with it when he tucks himself into bed. These are really cool dogs. I have seen the pics and yours a beautiful. Those puppies are so cute.

German Shepherds are awesome dogs. Very loyal and smart. Many people now a days like to have at least one in the house and yard for protection and comfort. They do the job like no other.

What have you been feeding that dog? Dead babies??

Don’t start … :stuck_out_tongue: