This message board just got its 90,000th new thread start.

Those 90,000 threads contain 1.1 million posts.

Wow, I’m impressed. Way to go Nick and InterNACHI!




Way to go Nick, Such a great organization:D

Congratulations! Will soon be 100,000.

93,000 new thread starts.


… and more than 1.2 million posts.

That’s an amazing number!

95,000th new thread.

Your going to have carpal tunnel syndrome by the end of the day!

96,000th new thread.

97,000th new thread.

Before summer it will hit 100,000 Glad for NACHI and NICK.

Thanks to all the members You guys are great .

Is there going to be a prize for the 100K poster?

Thread start.

We already have 1.2+ million posts.

We just got our 98,000th new thread start.

We just got our 99,000th new thread start.

Almost there!!