InterNACHI's message board just got its 120,000th new thread start.

Those 120,000 threads contain 1.6 million+ posts.

122,000th new thread and 1.7 million+ posts.

That was a short honeymoon!

123,000 new thread start and coming up on 1.8 million posts made by 67,000 inspectors who registered to use this message board.

What was the 123k post?

I’ll bet a dollar it was one of Dave Fetty’s lol! I’m working on the 124K being one of mine -

LOL! I bet it was in the “free inspections in 2018” thread" Did you see the maylay on Facebook?

**Dave’s post #5 ! ** :wink:

LOL :lol:

What should we do to celebrate our 1 Billionth post?

That should be some time next week. Not much notice.