This one caught my eye

I like the ad for this baby.
How much ? is the question,as the lease to own is $99@month.

Looked through the entire page and couldn’t find anything on the resolution of the photos. I don’t see how they fit all that into a phone sized. Looks like it could be cool though.

That thing is for young kids with good eyes Robert! (and brought up on phone texting)!

The infrared images are great but when you do a side by side or try to transpose them on top of the regular image is looks like crap unless the room is really well lit. The guy I team up with for these evaluations likes to take the IR photos with all the lights off

The attached photos were taken with that camera.



$99 for the first 6 months… then what?


Has something to do with heat variations. He also want’s the HVAC off for an hour or so prior to the evaluation AND he likes performing these evaluations after dark. He travels throughout the states and trains people on how to perform IR scans and it well qualified for this task.

Seems that’s a problem with the regular pics, rather than the IR. ;-):stuck_out_tongue:

Imaging Performance


Detector Type
Uncooled FPA microbolometer, with image correction and full auto imaging and instant image enhancement.
TV rate real time 60 hz sensor

Spectral Range
8-14μm LWIR Long Wave Infrared

Field of View
25°×19° - Point and shoot imaging

Thermal Sensitivity
1/10 degree sensitivity

Built- in Digital Video colors
CMOS Sensor, 640 x 480 pixels, auto balance and auto gamma.

Image Presentation

External Display LCD
2.2″TFT active matrix High resolution color

Display Color
256 level, 8 palettes (Rainbow, iron, B&W, etc) custom palettes user defined.
2X digital zoom onboard


Temperature Range
-20 to +250 C

System Architecture
Fully Digital with onboard and post processing manipulation

Measurement Modes
Spot / manual (up to 4 moveable), spot / automatic placement at max, area (up to 4 moveable) displaying either max, min, or average, isotherm, line profile, auto alarm

Emissivity Correction
Variable from 0.01 to 0.99 (in 0.01 increment)

Measurement Features
Automatic correction based on user input for reflected ambient temperature,distance, relative humidity,atmospheric transmission and external optics

Image Storage
Built-in Flash memory (8G bit capacity)

File Format
IRI (An individual file consists of infrared image, visual image and voice annotation)
Voice Annotation
Variant for different files, up to 180 seconds per file. User can record a voice comment to every image saved

**System Status Indication
LCD Display
Shows status of battery, indication of power
Sound Alarm
Automatic alarm for low battery + audible Alarm for max/min temperature rise/fall,user defined.

Laser Locator
Classification Type
Class 2 semiconductor laser

Battery System
Li-ion battery, rechargeable, field replaceable (4 Batteries included)

Operating Time:
Over 2 hours continuous operation per battery

Charging System:
In camera via USB interface from AC adapter (96-
250 VAC) or in battery charger
Power Dissipation:
< 3W

Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature:

Storage Temperature:
-20c- +60c

Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non- condensing

Operational: 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Operational: 2G, IEC 68-2-6

Image (thermal & visual), measurement, voice and digital video transfer to PC

-Fusion IR proprietary infrared imaging color software w/image notation, custom color palettes, and documentation.
-EZ report word based proprietary software for instant documentation and evidentiary imaging Vref.
-RSW radiometric Full analysis and reporting software suite


0.265Kg (including battery)

I looked into this unit quite a few years back. Is 160x120 resolution. Sensitivity 0.1. Total cost of the unit is in the $7k range as last I knew. There hasn’t been any updates to the units performance since was brought to the market in 2003. Looks cool, probably take ok images, but longevity and user ability is probably questionable in my book.

OJ Utter
Level 3 itc Thermographer

If you are considering purchasing this camera/imager, ask where it was made and where it would have to be sent for any repairs or maintenance or service.

One of the people in one of my IR training classes had one and said it was like throwing it into a black hole when he had to send it out. It was months and months for him to get it back. :shock:

I saw a much higher res when gliding through it.

Something along the lines of 648 x 400

640 x 480 pixels

I know of inspectors who have that camera but wish they had a different one…

Too bad , it looks cool.

Low resolution and smaller screen cameras are less expensive, but as soon as you get one, you want to upgrade.

That’s the video mode, and is probably not in IR mode. That’s not the IR photo resolution which was never listed. OJ said it was 160x120 resolution which sounds closer to reality.

Dominic I think that may be the old res.
Check out the link I provided and see the pictures.
Those are high res.

I looked at the link you provided. None of those pictures were high resolution.

I should rephrase that. None of them are 640x480 and they’d definitely be showing thatoff. It looks like they are all different sizes which tells me they are probably stitched together from multiple images. Otherwise they’d all be the same resolution.