Which camera is preferred!?

Since I haven’t seen this posted in the IR section yet, which is the most “preferred” camera to have and use.

How about some Pro’s and Con’s from current owners!

I use a Kodak 433 works well for me and I carry a spare .

If you are talking about the IR then I use the FLIR BCAMSD it is the same as the Bcam except it has a sd card in the Camera and extra $1,000;00 but you can have a couple extra cards .
I asked our Instructor if I should have bought a more expensive Camera .
He said for home Inspections in his opinion this was perfect no reason to go any more expensive .
I like you asked others on this BB and bought what they all recommended .
I am not having too much trouble with the Camera But my computer will not do what I tell it to do with my pictures .


It depends on how you are going to use and incorporate the camera into your business. If you are planning on using the camera for home inspections, you could get any of the basic “B” series offered by FLIR.

If you are planning on using the camera for any special or add-on services, like electrical, moisture, or energy surveys, than I would suggest getting the “most” camera you can afford. A camera with a resolution of 320 x 240.

I have a BCAM SD, and while it works great for most applications, I find myself needing (wanting) the better resolution.

I’m a gadget guy, so for me it’s like going out and buying a 50 inch flat screen HD TV. Once you get it home and turn it on, you say “damn, should have got the 60 inch.”

Here’s a good one: http://www.goinfrared.com/cameras/B-Series/thermacam-b360


How much is that one?



John, how many images can you get on the Bcam? I checked the datasheet and it didn’t say. Isn’t there an IR camera that uses a removable media card?

see post #2 most of the answer is there …Cookie

You can store 50 images on the basic BCAM. If you have your laptop onsite you can download and go on forever.

Thanks Roy and Linas! :slight_smile:

The BCAM SD is advertised to hold 1,000 images. The most I have had on board at any time is 150.

MARKETING TIP: I keep a few of the good images stored on the camera so when I’m out talking to people I can turn on the camera, and then the stored images can be viewed on the screen.

Show people actual pictures of what the IR Camera can do, seeing is believing after all.


Tell us more about your camera. Nobody in the Building Science course had a Razir. How do you like it?

I like it the reporting programs that came with it are awsome and easy to use.I have hade it a year now and havn’t run into any problems.Customers really like when I just walk up to there tv and plug it in to veiw the pics


Razir Video

Razir Specs

A little pricey! :shock:

Thermal Resolution

160 X 120

Do you think the more expensive camera will do a better job for a home Inspector .
My Instructor at the FLIR class I took in November said not needed for HIs.
There where many from industry there who had camera’s up to $40,000;00

Probably not Roy. I don’t know enough yet. I like the high res of the $15,000 models but think it’s probably overkill for HI.
On the other hand, if one can develop a business model that includes other IR services it may be worth the additional investment in higher priced equipment. It’s all in the numbers.;-):smiley:

I payed $9,000 a year ago