This week's (June 20, 2017) Inspector Outlet Tuesday Night Auction. Custom Brochures!

Bidding starts now.

This week’s (June 20, 2017) Inspector Outlet Tuesday Night Auction item is being provided by InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department.

Item being auctioned: 5,000 trifold brochures, custom designed by InterNACHI’s Marketing Department. Includes free logo design, content writing, design, printing, and shipping of the trifold brochures.


  • Auction starts now and ends at 11PM East Coast Time on Tuesday night, June 20, 2017.

  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid prior to 11PM East Coast Time:

  • Non-InterNACHI are members are welcome to bid and non-members will receive a year free membership in InterNACHI.

  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.

Your payment is 100% tax deductible.

We’ll contact you to get your application completed.

There are no additional shipping costs (even to Canada). It includes everything.

Total approximate value of this total package is $764.

Bidding starts now.



Two Fish Tacos



$50.01 and 3 blackened Redfish tacos.


$50.03 and an ice cold fruity beverage. :wink:



$150 and a crabcake.




Auction ends tonight.



157.33 and a bologna in hand sandwich.

157.44 and a bacon dbl cheese burger