This week's (Oct 18, 2016) Tues Night Auction. EZ Inspection Software Package.

This week’s (October 18, 2016) Inspector Outlet Tuesday Night Auction item is being provided by EZ Home Inspection Software. It is a full inspection reporting software package:

Non-InterNACHI members are welcome to bid.


  • Auction starts now and ends at 9PM MST on Tuesday night, October 18, 2016.
  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid as of 9PM MST.
  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.
  • Winner agrees to pay Inspector Outlet.
  • We’ll ship the product for free so there are no additional shipping costs.

Total value with shipping approx: $247.00 for InterNACHI members, $297 for non-members (idiots).

Bidding starts now.




Are these auctions still for CHARITY?

Not this one. We paid full price for this software. It wasn’t donated. It will lose money.


Now why would you go and do that? Also, it would seem to me that if you are going to lose money anyway, making this a Charity auction would potentially bring in higher bids and SOMEONE would benefit from the money and not be a total loss.

It’s not a total loss to the member with the winning bid… they got the item for a deal. It’s a loss to InterNACHI, Inspector Outlet, or whomever is paying for it. We lose money every week… but we don’t do it for money (obviously).


That’s not what I said, but you knew that.

If a member donates something or pays for something for the auction, they can dictate what charity they want the money to go to and we donate it in his/her name.

This is a great software package for anyone needing reporting software.

Inspector Outlet says it is their third best-selling software package.