Inspector Outlet Tuesday Night Auction. Bidding starts now.

Inspector Outlet will be holding an auction tonight till (9PM EST) for one year of the subscription version of HomeGauge home inspection software (a $708 value, normally $59/month).

HomeGauge has graciously donated the year of software for tonight’s auction. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Auction starts at now and ends at 9PM MST.
Winner will be the post with the highest bid.
You can bid as many times as you’d like.
Winner agrees to pay Inspector Outlet, which will then be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Can we enter a pre-bid?


I bid $100.

where do we bid?

Nick - Why not just leave the bidding open from now until the end time? More time for people to participate will only increase the amount to go to a charity. I think it was most gracious of the HG folks to offer this.

If you agree, I bid $250.

Chuck, good idea. Done. Start bidding.

I bid 300.00

I bid $321.00

I bid 360.00

I have to retract my bid of $390.00… I thought it was for the software itself, not the subscription services.


I bid $365.00

I will go for $321.00, once again.


I was of the understanding from Russell at HomeGauge that this was a subscription version of the software. I have asked him to come on to this thread and explain what exactly was meant by HomeGauge Subscription. If I was wrong in our description of the product for tonight’s auction, the winner is under no obligation to pay.

Who won? A lot of confusion.

Your initial description is correct. It is for a year HG Subscription. This means that you get HG software version 5, HG Companion license for Android or ios, and a year of HG Services. Get it all for $59 a month.

We are offering this year long subscription which is around $700 value.

$321.00 for the software license to be unlocked for me, without Homeguage services for the time being. What do you say Russell? If you would agree or even come close, then personal message me here at InterNACHI.

Really good deal.

Hi Michael,
I am not involved in the auction process. The gift I am giving is the HG Subscription for a year.