Thoughts on moisture in distribution panel

I encountered:

(1) Rusted panel screws

(2) Oxidized crystals on the service conductors

(3) Panel wires oxidized going into breaker

(4) Neutral and Ground wires oxidized

There was a disconnected dryer duct in the basement about 15 feet from the distribution panel. What are ya’lls thoughts?

Anyone storing pool chlorine nearby?

Nope. No pool.

Could it be moisture in the air from the dryer duct? Its in the PNW and the home is sealed up tight.

Looks like chemical contamination to me. Many chemicals are hygroscopic and will form moisture around the residue.

IMO: any moisture that you see is probably part of the symptom, not the cause, but I don’t know that for a fact.

When you cannot determine cause with a great deal of confidence during the course of a home inspection, describe what you can see and know factually and leave the detailed diagnosis for the follow-up investigation. Just put your list items into paragraph form with photos and call for investigation to determine and correct root cause then repair or replacement of damaged components by a qualified, licensed electrician…

Thanks Chuck. That is what I ended up doing.