New panel (within the past year) - no signs of moisture or overheating. Several of the breakers (not adjacent) had this white powdery substance on them, but not near the terminals. It didn’t seem like corrosion. Any idea as to what it might be?


Not sure on your corrosion, but on the three breakers visible in the picture, the top is a cutler-hammer and the bottom two are seimens. Not sure what brand the panel is but that might be worth noting. Many panels are not rated for other manufacturer’s breakers.

I’m not sure I see anything I’d call corrosion. I do see those white areas near the arc chute on those 2 Siemens breakers. Is that what you mean? What did it taste like?

“dunno what it tastes like but I sniffed it and wanted to stay up all night and drive to Vegas”

“Glad I didn’t step in it” LOL - Whatever it is, it didn’t sem to be an issue - just curious. Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

I can’t see to much from that picture but it looks to me like 2 used breakers that were installed in that panel. I know some electricans will have a bucket full of old breakers that they got after a service change. That may also explain why they don’t match the rest. The white stuff may be drywall dust or other crap that got in the bucket. I would try and find out if they are allowed in that panel.