Well what would you recommend

A flip home, dug out basement, Dirt was fallen down, retaining wall removed ( only 4 inch block) what was left had movement, pier under mined. I let you know what wrote up and the results that followed.

A dug out basement? The crack alone yells “Structural Engineer”.

I would be calling out for a strutural engineer and maybe a geotechnical evaluation of the soils for proper engineering of the repairs. Are the soils expansive?

Good old red clay, Moisture issues around the outside and inside. water erosion visible inside. I tell you the outcome when i get a few more comments.

Isn’t clay expansive? Expands when wet, contracts when dry. We have an area in my town that is clay. Most homes there were built 1970 or before and most I see have all kinds of cracking, doors that are not plumb etc.

Yes it is , we just spent going through a 3 year drought now 14 inches above normal rain fall. I seen foundations crack all over the place around here. You be interested in the findings of this one for sure.

Here is more Pictures

Opps last picture was a different problem

The house had been total redone inside so no indication of cracks over doors, However by the fire place the floor dropped about 3 inches in a 2 foot span, That area could not be checked because of clearences where to low

Looks like in your second picture you have hydro static pressure pushing inward. That would be my guess anyway. I am guessing that the raised foundation was not back filled properly or have proper drainage. I am not a structural engineer but sure would get an evaluation at least from your pictures

Well thats what i did and he said he seen no problems . he also stated that the foundation wall is 2 to 3 feet from the edge and piers where properly supported and in his opinion it structural sound .
does that pier in the first pictures look sound to anyone else?
The problem is this young kids first home. they got the wow factor upstairs. He sent me the report and ask what i felt. I told him to ask more questions . I really do not want to see these kids get stuck.

Who stated that there were no problems?

The structural engineers in my area wants the referals from the Realtors and the builders too much to call out any issues, than if the house does fall down they are still only responsible for the cost of the report. There is one S.E. in my area performing home inspections too. He does not know his butt from a hole in the ground when it comes to mechanical items, but most Realtors love his pass all reports. If I had an engineering degree, I would not be performing home inspections. I would find me a nice 9 to 5 job making a $100,000 a year with full benefits.

The engineer David. Got a copy of his letter and License number , I think i am going to keep a copy of it just in case. I just cant see how there was no problems seen by him.

Why not tell your clients to get a second opinion?

I did suggest they get their own, but with inspections appraiser fees they are a little strapped for cash .

I think you’re a deal killer! I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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