Three PICs every home inspection report should end with.

After you’ve completed the inspection and you didn’t find any water lines leaking and you closed the tub faucets, you should take three photos that show that no water supply lines are leaking and that all the fixtures are off, just prior to you eaving the property.

Here are the three photos to include sequentially at the end of your inspection report. Of course, the photos should show the water meter is not running.


If you are running a multi-inspection company, you should demand that your inspectors take these PICs at the end of every inspection, just so they (and you) know they didn’t leave any water fixtures running.

Interesting coincidence as at last night’s inspection the main line was leaking out the foundation wall and it was saturated enough it was coming out of the slab 12 feet away.
I make it a point to photograph thermostats before and after as well

Fun fact :
90 percent or more are set at 69.

I like to take a short video clip of the meter so you can tell if the creep wheel is moving or not.

Then you might as well do the entire report as a video.

Nice Nick! I will start checking for that at the end.

It would save editing time! :mrgreen:

Most of these water meters around KC are underground beneath inaccessible meter covers, then 3 feet under that, in a cavern 18" in diameter. More legal issues are arising after inspections, and finger pointing results. One reason I always insist that the REA representing the buyer is present.

Nick … Nice thought for somewhere.

Like Gary Farnsworth said, in KC area 95% are buried in a pit somewhere outside in the ground 15" to 24" deep. OFTEN overgrown with brush OR covered over with soil, etc OR in pit covered with snow, etc. SO in our area, its nothing we’d be doing.

Are there many places around the country where they are accessible like shown in the picture. Thats cool …

Everywhere I’ve been in this country, the water meter is visible.

Tomorrows inspection I may go to a fast video for me just to state materials in each room to see if that cuts down on pics.
Took 75 less than my average today.

Just too much work to kill myself right now .

If you are that busy Bob, you need to double your prices.

Nick … Wow, thats cool. Wonder why its not that way around here?

Water meters are in the ground in the majority of the St Louis metro, including Illinois and Missouri, same as in Dan’s area. And American Water does not like it if/when you remove the cover.

Getting regular investors and have gone up a bit though lots of new clients are shopping price so need to explain more on the phone without over promising and under delivering like the gadget guys. Lol
Seriously though, good point.
Trying to force myself to pull back on the details just enough to be manageable.
Just got a nice email thanks from yesterday’s client that he learned a lot from me as I wake up to do the report so damn it’s hard to change.
2 more jobs later today and multi units after that so week will be interesting.

just don’t under deliver, pretty simple. :wink:

Same here. And the meter well is usually full of mud and water. :twisted:

How does that work? The homeowner is entitled to read his/her meter to see water usage. Is there a separate electronic meter that is accessible?

Suppose to be but that always doesn’t mean that’s though case right :wink:

Most water meters are buried in mud and soot, debris or black widow holding ground here. Well maybe 1/2. Very nasty place and utility companies do not maintain them like they should.