Has anyone used Thumbtack for leads? If so was it wortwhile ore waste of money?

Hey Andy,

A lot of people here don’t like Thumbtack however I’m a fan. I started in January and been hired 7 times so far my ROI on it is 700% which is way better than my Google/facebook Ads, buying cookies/cupcakes for open houses, and dropping off stuff at realtor offices.

There are plenty of low ballers so in order to pick up work these things work best for me; I include a message with my quote, usually explain what they will get by choosing me over the $150 low ballers, I’m very selective with who I send quotes too usually only sending them to people who put the most details, I follow up the next day (booked one this way) just asking if they would like more details about the process or if theres anything they’d like to discuss.

Keep in mind they recently increased prices so tread lightly and good luck

My wife tried Thumbtack to test what I would get.

She got 4 repiies for inspections

$225.00- $260.00- $309.00- $360.00 for a 2500 SF home.

Thank you. I will give it a try