Hi all,

I’m looking to utilize Thumbtack as I get started. I was looking for some tips from Thumbtack users on what makes a good narrative / sales email.

Do you have something that works for you?

Feel free to PM me as I’m sure this thread will just turn into a dartboard for fee based services.

I can only say how it worked for me.
I tried for home inspections and found myself paying to compete with the lower price inspectors. Cost me money to get the chance to be low bidder.

This might be good for other higher sale services but it took too big a chunk in my opinion.

The good news is it did me me noticed.

I think I’ve got about 25 “chits” left in my account with them, and I’ll write more aggressively about how “you get what you pay for”, because I’ve gone as low as I will go and am still getting beat by lowballers. Emphasize what they risk if the inspector they choose MISSES something. A home can be a great investment or a money pit. Do they really think it’s a good idea to save $100 on a cheap inspector who may overlook critical aspects of their home?
The odd thing is that my girl likes Thumbtack from the consumer’s side. I don’t know yet, I’ve only been sent two opportunities by them. After losing both, I sent in a request for an inspector from another e-mail account and was sent two offers by inspectors. One was priced within $10 of me (higher) and the other had me beat by $100. His web site looked like a 3rd grade painting on the refrigerator with magnets.

If I feel like playing the slot machine I’ll answer a request. Out of pulling the handle many times the ol girl paid off, of course after I took the times she didn’t pay I was with the low ballers. I still play from time to time it is fun to tell the buyer about cheap inspections but they still don’t call. Unless you enjoy this type of scavenging work don’t get started. I feel if I don’t get out soon I may have to go to thumbtack anamious. Good luck I think I just had a request come in got to go

Used it quit a bit about a year ago. Would be one of the first things Id do if starting over again. I don’t respond to the leads anymore though. I don’t need them.

I just quoted my price, sent them my sample report, let them know a few of our USP’s.

I would never do anything crazy like tell them what other inspectors may miss.

What kind of fee does TT charge?

$5 per quote. Better than an adwords click. I just opened my doors in January and until I’m steady I would like to fill in my patchy schedule. Also, the exposure is a plus.