Tie down required?

This panel has been converted to a sub-panel and the 100amp breaker is being fed from the new main panel. Does this 100amp breaker now requrie a tie down? If so, out of curiosity, what kind would work in this situation.

That may be a factory installed main, hard to tell from that angle. But, there is a whole lot more going on besides a tie down!!!

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There is a lot going in that panel. I spent a long time in front of that box this morning trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

On the bright side, the main panel was easier to inspect.:grin:

Do you mean a retaining kit like a back-fed breaker? I do not see a back-fed.

Is the panel in the second photo the service disconnect? If so why a 4-wire feed?


Correct, it’s not backfed. I just didn’t know if this setup also required a tie down.

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Yes, the second photo is the service disconnect. From what I could see, the 4-wire feed ran back up behind a finished wall toward the meter. The ground wire from the 4-wire feed was separated and run to a rod outside.

Something is not right with this installation. Service conductors cannot run inside of the wall.

The SQ D panel in post #1 was manufactured & discontinued in favor of another model long before the hold down/retainer requirement for backfed plug-in breakers was added to the NEC.

Do you have pics of this, where was it separated?

BTW, this appears to be an amateur conversion, not executed by a master electrician. Hope you wrote it up hard and deferred it for immediate repair.


I wondered the same thing, Rob.

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Unfortunately, I did not grab a picture of this.

Is this what y’all are talking about? :grinning:


Good one. The NEC uses the word fastener.