What isn’t wrong with this?

Picture #1 shoes 10 gauge wire feeding the sub panel. Pic 2 is 100 amp main breaker for the service panel. Pic 3 is the sub panel and the last pic is the service panel. I know there is a lot more going on here but my questions are specifically: Why are the is the main breaker for the service panel all the way at the bottom of the panel, and why are the service entrance cables not going to the main lugs instead ? Is that allowed ? Also, they had a 10 gauge wire feeding the sub panel and they were going straight into the main lugs in the service panel rather than to a breaker, shouldn’t it be going to a breaker instead? And finally is 30 amps (the rating for the 10 gauge) enough for that sub panel ??

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The main does not need to be at the top. Why do you think it does? A panel can be backfed through a breaker if a means of hold-down is installed.

The feed to the subpanel should be fed from a breaker. Whether the 30 amps is enough would take a calculation.

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There is a lot going on here, follow everything out carefully.

Those terminals are unlikely approved for #10 wire, how far was the subpanel fed by #10 conductors?

There is enough copper there to make it the right size, Simon. :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: LOL!


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The sub panel was inches away from the service panel Simon.

Thanks for the reply Jim. I guess since there is no room left in the service panel they just ran the #10 for the sub panel straight into the main lugs.

You can use those main lugs to feed the sub-panel with smaller conductors as long as the tap rules are followed. In this instance they’re not. If the feeder conductors for the sub are the same size as the SEC’s feeding the 100 amp CB then no tap rules are required to be followed.

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I’m just going to leave these pictures here for you all to scratch your heads at.


I put an explanation in your other thread.