Tin coated wire

I believe this is tin coated wire and not aluminum. Can anyone help me.

Looks like tin coated copper to me. OLD and NEW work in there?

2 wire cloth coated?

Tin clad copper. Panel upgraded? Previously fuses?

It is tin coated . They coated copper with tin to make it easier to solder the wires .
All joints where soldered up to the late forties and it was too hard to get copper clean enough to solder .
Yes I was there … Roy


One reason that the copper was coated with tin is that copper reacts with the rubber insulation causing it to fail. The tin coating eliminates that problem by keeping then copper from contacting the rubber.

Interesting can you show me this some where in Print .
I must be looking in the wrong places as I can not find this info .
Thanks Roy
I have a rubber extension Cord and the Wires are not tinned .
It is over fifty years old and still in perfect condition .
Soft flexable and still coils great .