Tinned copper & Copper

Hey Sparkies,

Is it ok to splice tinned copper, with a copper wire?

I know Aluminum and copper are a scary combintation, but what about tinned copper. My thinking is that it would be fine, but want to make sure.

Thanks in advance.

Works fine . One thing to remember most if not all Tinned wire had Rubber insulation and most if not all has lived past its useful life.
Most had no Ground in with the hot and neutral.
A better idea I think would be to just replace the whole thing .

Do you know why they tinned the copper?

It was to facilitate the soldering of joints for the most part. It allowed for a better soldered joint.

Typically to add to roys statement…Tinned Copper tends to stay shinny versus AL wiring which turns more dull due to oxidation. Also you will see the insulation on AL wiring the thermoplastic type…