Tinned Copper Wire?

House was built in 2014 in a new development. All single strand branch wiring appeared to be aluminum. My gut tells me it is probably tinned copper wire.

Have you seen this before? I called it out for review by an electrician to verify what type of wiring was used.

single strand.jpg

You can usually tell by the ground wire. Tin coated, is it a coastal town? We see it here on our coast in 1950’S houses ever once in a while

Unlikely to be tinned copper in a 2014 build.

What gauge is it?

Circuit breaker size?

Whats the sheathing say could you read it do you have a photo?

Need more pics and type of wiring sheathing, etc. NM or individual wires? What did the grounding conductors look like? The electrician may have gone the extra mile and just tinned the ends.

With that looking sheathing, I would say aluminum.

single strand.jpg

All you have to do is look at the cut ends. Or scratch the wire .

On a 2014 build? They don’t sell solid AL anymore.

Are you sure?

12 - 10 AWG…show me.

Why do you think I asked what size it was?

I think 8 is the smallest they sell.

Questions are important.

Appears to have soldering flux on it.
Seen it at an electrical engineer’s house.
Only way to tell is safely scratch with an electricians driver like someone mentioned above.
Verify your driver is insulated.

Are you sure it is not solder ?

What??? Are you serious??? :shock::shock:

Yea, I guess I should give him credit that he knows better.
Sorry Michael

2014 most likely tinned bare copper

The image is from a 30 amp dryer circuit. It looked like an aluminum colored coating and was a little lumpy on the surface, not smooth like normal wire. It was 8 or 10 gauge.

Where is the overall open panel photo? Inquiring minds…