Tips for Emblem logos for Home Inspection Businesses

An emblem logo is a design that integrates the image and the text into one large connected shape, making a badge-like design.

Some common mistakes and things to be aware of with emblem logos include:

Adding too much stuff into the logo to the point that the image becomes confusing when you scale it down. Usually, an emblem works best when you pick one specific image and make that image the focus. It can also help to zoom in on a specific part of an image. When I glance at your business card, I’m not going to squint to figure out all of the detail in the image, the image will simply register as cluttered or clear.

Using too many colors. Some forms of print charge per color. This is why many of the designs we have created are stripped back to 2-3 colors. The fewer colors you have in a logo, the less you run into color issues and expensive print jobs.

The image and text look disconnected. The reason an emblem logo works and looks cohesive is that the designer has made sure all of the line weights and colors look like they belong together. If you try to patch a random image over a random text frame an emblem can look bizarre because the styles clash.

Emblem logos break the simplicity rule a bit, so in order to work with them it is better to keep the logo larger. This means that when you are looking for a website template, you will need one that provides a larger amount of space for the logo so that the logo remains legible. Depending on the amount of detail used in the image it can also be difficult or impossible to recreate an emblem logo in embroidery.

Avoid imagery that is over-used in your region. See lots of palm tree logos? Do something else. See lots of mountain logos? Do something different and reference an animal or hobby. The goal of a logo is to make your company difficult to mistake for someone else’s. It’s about standing out in both your geographic region and in the home inspection field.

The upside of a well-designed emblem logo is they are extremely difficult to recreate which makes them impossible to copy without hiring a skilled designer. It is also very easy to place an emblem logo over images and different colors because everything is grouped into a whole. If an emblem logo is simple enough, it can also work well as an embroidered image.

Some well-known emblem logos are Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, and the NFL badge.

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