TIR training DVD

I just downloaded the upgraded 2.1 SmartView and noticed the free training DVD offer. Has anyone had the opportunity to view it?

[SIZE=4]1. Order your Ti25, Ti10, TiR1 and TiR training dvd.
A $295 value free if you purchased your product BEFORE September 1. 2008. Offer good to US residents only. (Outside US? Check with your local Fluke office).
2. Got two minutes?
Please take that time to answer two questions that will help us support your software needs in the future. 3. SmartView 2.1 Upgrade

Keep your Fluke Thermal Imaging products optimized by ensuring you have the latest software loaded.

Download the latest version here.
What’s new with SmartView 2.1
[li]User interface updates to improve ease-of-use[/li][LIST]
[li]Easy access to frequently used tools[/li][li]Improved image optimization tools[/li][li]View IR-Fusion visible light reference image at the same time as the infrared image[/li][/ul]
[li]Graphical analysis[/li][ul]
[li]Line profiles[/li][/ul]

I ordered mine, we’ll see in 6-8 weeks what it’s all about. :slight_smile:

I ordered my TiR over the Thankgiving Holiday. (Came one week to the day.) The DVD came with it. The DVD does a good job. But my complaint is with the fact you have to have MSWORD 2007 to edit your report templates. I think they could have done a better job there and giving us something in HTML.

Bruce, I have only used the software to set up the photo the way I want it. I then export it as a jpeg and use it in my HomeGauge software. Other than that I have mailed some pictures in the pdf format that smartView uses. do you do it differently?

Hi Gary, well when I do a thermalscan during an inspection, of say like a panel breaker or when I see possible moisture, then I do it the same way as you and include in my Homegauge report. If I do just a thermalscan of say like for insulation etc., then I use the quickreport feature of Smartview. Once you set up your preferences and add your comments to the picture, the report is a one button push!