Tir1, Retotec, Testo, Fluke for sale


I am retired and am selling off all my test equipment. I have a Fluke 568 IR Thermometer and a Fluke 975 Air Meter listed on eBay.

I have everything needed for BPI testing. Some of the items I have available are :

Fluke TiR1 - $2.250.00 Free Freight (SOLD to a InterNachi member)
Testo 330-1 LL includes the printer and probe
Fluke 568 IR (SOLD)
Fluke 975 Air Meter (ON EBAY -reserve is met will sell !!)
Retrotec blower door system - (Make me an offer for the Retrotec)
Retrotec duct tester system - (never even out of the case !!!)
GE Protimeter Moisture Meter (SOLD ONE HAVE THE MMS MODEL on EBay )
Fluke 220 Co Tester
Fluke 221 Co Tester
Milwaukee Inspection Camera
Fluke 922 manometer
Testo 317-3 personal CO meter
Refrig. gas leak detector.
5 Fluke Multimeters
2 Large Pelican cases left 1 with dividers for storage of the above (SOLD 3)
Tons of misc. stuff - Smoke sticks, etc

I live in Richmond, Va. I am open to offers on anything or a package deal.

I will travel up to 250 or 300 miles to allow you to inspect (pun intended) the equipment if we can agree on a package price.

I can also eBay any item you wish. I am serious, this is a real offer, the equipment is absolutely in perfect condition. Look at the eBay photos of the first two items I listed.

I have been an eBay member since 1999 and have perfect feedback.

My prices are going to be very reasonable. I want to discuss a package deal first, if no interest I will split it up for sale by the piece.

If anyone wants picture or a “facetime” video phone call to verify I am more than happy to do that.

Thanks for looking,

John Meara
Richmond, Va.

IM me for my phone and we can do the video call if you have interest or a respected member can call just to see this is a real deal. I would love that! If you have any Richmond based members I would be happy to show them the equipment

How much for all of it?


Thanks for the interest, I will call you tomorrow . I am working up a price list right now. The Fluke 568 sold today and the 975AirMeter has a $500 bid on it. I will let you know my reserve on the 975 is only $525. Some one will get a great deal on that unit.


John Meara

Would consider meeting somewhere to look at the condition of some of the items including the IR. I am out of Raleigh

Hi Jeff,

You are close enough that I would bring whatever you are interested in and meet you half way Raleigh is not that far. (I worked in Tarboro as an engineer for Barnhill Contracting way back in the '80s)

Love for you to see the items and verify the condition to other members.

Look on eBay. The fluke 568 sold last night, I have one Bid on the Fluke 975 air meter that is only $500 someone is going to get a great deal on that (next bid meets the reserve.

IM me for my phone number and personal email address.


John Meara
Richmond, VA

Replied to both Jeff & Russell

Russell- Talked with his office person, sent email with pictures, and left contact info
Jeff - Called his company number and left contact info.

Spoke with
**Juan C. Jimenez


InterNACHI Member

He lives not far from me and said if anyone was interested in an item. I could come by his office and let him verify it is real and in good condition.

Hi John,

How much are you asking for your co testers if they are still available?

Dennis Palmer

Do you still have the Milwaukee inspection camera still for sale
if you do email me