Getting Out!!! Make a deal!

I have several inspector tools for sale, as I have taken a job as a project manager with a large corporation. I see no reason to let these items sit around:

  • 2 1/2 year old Fluke TiR thermal imager. It will need calibrated, as it is over two years old, and I haven’t had it calibrated. The battery indicator is red, and the Fluke tech said that will clear when they PM it at calibration. Very, very light use. Will sell for $1500.
  • Pro-lab mold sampling kit, with camo 3-layer tool box. Has pump, hose, tripod, 2 Z5 spore traps, and a few swab tests. Also has an extension cord. Lightly used. $200
  • Wagner BI2200 moisture meter, never used. With case, manual, etc. $175
  • TPI775 2-in-1 Multi-gas meter. Very lightly used. It will detect carbon monoxide as well as raw gas leaks (combustible gases). A very useful tool!!! $225

All of the prices listed are plus shipping. These are priced to sell quickly, and if not, they will go on fleabay. If interested, email me at First come, first served. Paypal accepted, but money orders are preferred. All items are as is, but gauranteed not to arrive DOA (if you pay for insurance on shipping, with any damage liability to the shipping company).

Good luck with the new job.
Your website is still up I notice and it looks pretty good.
Did it get you lots of calls?

Sorry to see you leave all the best Glad for you… Roy

How much does the recalibration run?

A calibration will easily run $500 and up. But you may not need one, you can check the calibration yourself.

Does that include shipping and insurance?? Both ways.

Which TiR is it?