to strap or not?

Never heard this discussed but is there a requirement for metal strapping rather than bricks to stabilize the AC’s off the attic floor?

Strapping is not used to stabilize it actually makes it less stable because it allows movement. Strapping is used to prevent vibration from the unit into the ceiling joist and will depend on what the local AHJ allows the contractor to get away with. Strapping is always better your job appears like a amature install or someone that has no pride in their work

Yes Charley is right. There are ways to strap the unit but it is never a good idea as the vent and gas lines need to be secure. You can buy dampening pads to go under the unit and this limits the vibration to the ceiling. This HVAC contractor did not take pride in his work and I would point this out in the report.

i’m in the mood for enlightenment

does the OP pic install violate any mfr. install specs or codes?

if you can make any valid argument it does then report as such, if not

judging & reporting the emotional shortcomings of installer’s (pride) is a bit beyond my realm

y’all have fun with that :mrgreen:

Barry take that picture to an HVAC Company and they will say the same thing.
I have also been concerned when pointing out installation corrections that might get a company in trouble however I can assure you the owners sometime do not see the install and generally fire anyone that installed like this picture.
I had ones call me up and say thanks for catching this. I remember I did display the picture on the InterNachi MB last year.

don’t need to take pic anywhere
i already know what i see

this is new residential construction
prove the builder/owner is required to alter/retrofit/repair current installation to any minimum standard

i’ll indulge you and allow any industry recognized reference materials

opinions are what they are

I would have thought there were requirements as most new construction strapping is all I see. This home was built in 96 but what makes me laugh is according to the seller the previous owner had his own HVAC company.

Thanks for the arguements fellas. I like to hear both sides.

Violation of exceptable engineering best practice

There are two questions that should be answered here.

  1. What does the HVAC manufacturer’s installation instructions specify as the acceptable means of support for their unit? These instructions can assist you in understanding any other situation you might well encounter with this manufacturer’s unit.
  2. Regardless of the manufacturer’s instructions in this case, what are the purpose of bricks and what are they manufactured for?

Answering either one of those questions will assist you in identifying this or future problems of this type and properly create the verbiage needed for your report.

I wouldn’t get into that issue. Let the HVAC contractor worry about it when he does his semi-annual maintenance. :wink:

yep, pay it forward
they’ll take care of everything

DSC00083 (Small).JPG

there are requirements inside the install manual taped to the roof support member in your pic or at the Ducane website

either have prescriptive instructions for strapping & platform installations

i’d take a moment to research, read, rely on them and report accordingly, ymmv

What is you preference Barry strap or platform?

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I live in the land of basements like you do.

I can count on one hand with several missing fingers how many times I have see HVAC equipment in the attic.

1 this year so far.

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