Unclamped New HVAC Unit

I have been inspecting for years and have never seen a modern installation (2010+) that didn’t have the exterior unit clamped to its pad. Is this not a code requirement? I just bought a new system where the contractor is refusing to clamp a new ICP unit to the pad. I thought this was code, but haven’t seen it in writing. Is it?

Call your Fla codes department if you want to talk codes.

Never run in to one in 12 years that was attached to the pad. Must be a FL thing.

have never seen a clamped unit …I guess here we just let them run free…

Yes, it’s a requirement here, and has been for many years. Even the bracket must be approved, along with the number of fasteners.

Fire your HVAC contractor, he is obligated to know and follow the applicable code. What other details is he overlooking?


Sounds to me like you did not pull a permit, which is required in Florida for an AC replacement.

Codes aside, you might want to strap it down, in hurricane country.

Required here. Funny thing is it is defined as anything that causes vibration and CA says a motor causes vibration.

Since 1975 … Inspected in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas … Never seen one clamped.

Also installed in 4 of the above 6 states and never heard or seen this done, except when mounting them on steel brackets 3-6 ft off the ground.

I have seen them strapped down here, Of course it was to prevent theft lol