To those who prayed last year...

for my grand daughter, while she was still in the womb. The one with fluid on her brain, and 2 holes in her heart, the one who they said should be aborted, the one who was born prematurely on 1/18/2008. Here is the result of your prayers, of which I cannot thank you enough! One happy kid!:smiley:




I’m happy for you and yours, Ken…beautiful little girl.

Thanks for the update Ken.

I’m sure she brings much joy to many. :slight_smile:

cute kid, glad to hear good stuff happens

noticed her eyes in middle picture, looks like the left drifts inward, or may be angle of photo

my grandaughter wears lens to correct eye muscle issues and i noticed her condition before any others…

Awesome news.

I was one of those who Prayed for your Grand daughter! I am HAPPY to see that see made it and I want to THANK YOU for this update.

May she live a long and Happy Life! :stuck_out_tongue:

She sure is a pretty little girl.

Great news Ken!!

That is awesome new Ken.


What a cutie.

Post you picture so we can compare, Ken.


I’m glad everything worked out for the best…!!

Happy to here the good news Ken.

Very good news.

That’s awsome Ken. Thanks for the update.


I’m ecstatic to see such a miraculous recovery for your granddaughter. She is absolutely adorable. I’m glad our prayers made a difference in her recovery.

I can relate to this newborn medical defect. My little brother died (when I was a teen) at 9 months old from “water in the brain” and “spinal bifida” (spine exposed).

God really works in strange ways.

what a sweetheart You have there Grampa…thanks for the pictures Ken…

You don’t really want me to do that! Physics Bob…the equal and opposite of Cutie is…

I never noticed that, thanks, I will speak to her mother about it.

Thanks everybody, she is a joy and full of life and I thank God, her mother did not listen to the experts advise. Ken

Howdy Ken!
You are right! I just happen to have one of your “Baby pictures” {Hardy, har, har!}

Thank Gawd the Baby does NOT look like You!;-):p:mrgreen::wink: