Prayer Request for my Grandaughter...

please. She has to have open heart Tuesday morning, for 2 holes and a bad valve. Bless her little heart, she is only Six months old. :frowning: Thanks, Ken

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It’s tough to see the little ones in need of so much health care.

Praying for her and her family.

Same here Ken.(She’s a cutie!)

OMG…she will be in my prayers this week.

Sorry to hear that Ken, I’ll be praying for her speedy recovery!

May the prayers of all and mine protect this innocent child.

Bless her and keep her safe.

God bless your little girl. I’ll pray for her.

Ken…Keep us posted. Your grand daughter, her parents, and you are on the top of our list. May He guide the surgeon’s hands.

I pray for her recovery.

My heart goes out to you and your grandchild, you have my prayers.

As for me, and my house, you are, deeply, in our prayers. I will also bring it up to our congregation.

As a side note, what’s with the Mohawk on the kid?

My prayers go out to your grand-daughter, her family and you. God bless.


May God bless and keep this innocent little Angel safely in his hands.

I pray that he give the surgeons and all of the medical personnel the wisdom and the skills necessary for her care.

May God Bless your Granddaughter, and give her parents and ALL of your family Peace of Mind and Peace in their hearts!

You are ALL in my prayers…

Well said Frank.

How did the surgery go today Ken? Hopefully all went well.

Ken, that a tough egg to swallow for sure. It seems wrong for a child to be stricken with these types of issues. But I know God with the assistance of very good doctors will eventually help this cutie back to a normal life. The child, and your entire family is in our prayers.
God bless,


Sorry for the late reply

Thanks for asking, I just realized that I did not update her progress. The surgery went fine, she was in for about 5 hours, they patched 2 holes and stitched up the valve, she is in Cardiac care at Egleston and they will not allow anyone but the parents to see her. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and prayers. Will, as far as the Mohawk, I asked the same thing, they said she rubs off the hair on the sides, she looks like a Wild Thing, hunh! I’m glad it is over, the Dr. said it is not that big a deal anymore, but I beg to differ, it was not his chest. Thanks folks, Ken :smiley:

thanks for the update Ken…continued prayers Your way…jim

What is this little Angels name?

Give her Our Love and Please tell her that she has many “God Fathers” in NACHI who are STILL praying for her.