Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not

30 Canadian NACHI mousepads in the shape of the NACHI logo with mapleleaf.

Only accept this prize if you promise to give them to your local real estate agents.

Winner must be Canadian.

I’m south of the border…pass.

I am here

Pass do not want to be greedy

I wouldn’t dare. :slight_smile:

Bill Mullen

Robert wins anyway. Greed is good.

Thanks Nick and NACHI

Nick I got my Pads yesterday They are the greatest .
No other association looks after their members like NACHI does .
Thanks to NACHI for all they do .

Maybe next time i’ll win.

Bill you win every time you come to the NACHI site you get a chance to visit with some great Inspectors .

Or in the words of Conrad Black, “What’s the matter with greed?”

Hey Bill and Nick where’s the great announcement you two were going to spring on us? :cool:

What have you two got up your sleeves for us? :-;;

Come on, pretty please. Please with sugar on it, please, pleaseees tell us. -o<:o

You two wild and crazy guys, I know you are up to something for the good of the membership of NACHI. You guys are great! :smiley:

Hurry tell us! :mrgreen:

Thanks Nick and Bill

Best regards,

Thanks for the reminder I had forgot about the big anouncement .
Should be great .

What announcement?

Bill said at the NACHI conference he would soon have a big anouncement about the National Certification and how we all would be pleased.

Roy its says you are no longer affiliated with Nachi? What happen did you get certified?

How about the announcement that Claude was the new Chair of the NCA?

Just kidding, although that is a huge breakthrough.

Nick and I are still working to get everyone happy. Anyone familiar with some things we’ve tried in Canada will understand that nothing we try to do will be without its detractors, but we will prevail.

Bill Mullen


I heard OAHI has a new advertising slogan.

At OAHI we aren’t happy, til you’re not happy! :mrgreen:

Only kidding. :wink:


Good luck Bill I hope it works well for all