Today's Daily Door Prize donated by

1 Tyvek Suit dontate by

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state/province and NACHI ID# wins.


I must be the only one awake

Lewis wins!

Do you want an XL or 2XL?

XL should work, Thanks Nick

These are great. I was the one who hooked them up with NACHI.

They provided my chapter with one free pair for every person who attended the Kick-off Meeting back in June. NACHI Great Lakes - East Chapter

Darn, I’ve been looking for some of those…

Also available at the

Protective Suit with NACHI logo

Nice Job Lewis :smiley: Looks like a good prize.

I’ve been looking for something like this too, Ijust have a problem w/ the disposables. I just want them to last thru one inspection or job w/out the knees or elbows or butt going out](*,).

Jason how did you manage the sample, maybe I could get Will to hook us up in the Chicago Chapter.
Kevin gave us an endless supply for door prizes. I should have a NACHI discount arranged with them by next week.

Oh, and thanks for this lead Jason! :smiley:

I stumbled across their web site about 5 months ago while looking for vendors to donate door prizes for the kick-off meeting for my chapter.

** These are nice coveralls. They are very durable. **

Thanks Nick!!

I’ve been trying to find these booties for a while, thanks!

I have use these folks for all my Tyvek suits. They are SUPER reasonable and the deliver ontime!

I always keep a couple in my truck…never know when a crawlspace will popup or a Mold Clearance Test.

Nick, let me know about the discounts.