Today's Daily Door Prize donated by

1 set of boots and suit for that crawl space inspection.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state/province and NACHI ID# wins.

Bill Merrell
Bohemia, NY
Active NACHI Member

Unless it is oversized, it probably won’t fit, but I will donated to the current NACHI Class if it is still available.

Did I win?
Bill C. Merrell NACHI05061990

Marcel Gratton
Gatineau, QC

Tony Neumann
Id # 06012392
Woodland Park, CO

Bill, we’ll get you a big one… a very big one. :wink:

Thanks Nick- I can use a really big suit- Thanks!


I don’t care if you give it to Bill but he edited his post to add his info after Tony posted.

Tony should get one too.

Yes Bill, very nice edit :wink:

I don’t care either way…but thanks for the support Michael.

No problem. Let’s see Nick promised it to Bill and you and I posted apparently simultaneously. Maybe we should all get one. :wink:

If you believe there was any irregularity, have Nick reassign the prize. I was going to donate it to the next student in my class that joined NACHI, the prize would not be for me personally.

Much luck and success.


Are you saying you did not edit to include your nachi id #?

There is definitely some irregularity if you are saying that…