Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.

First member to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state and NACHI ID# wins.


Richard CantrellContact:E-Mail Richard CantrellNACHI ID:NACHI05071490City: AndersonState/Province: SC

Didn’t you win this one yet Wendy?

Three times at least. I wish they’d give away the Palm Inspector. I think I’ve earned the Inspector by now. :wink:

It’s not mine, I was in process of passing. Just had to go look at the website. Sorry.

Cool. Richard wins with assist from Wendy!

See ya all tomorrow with another great Daily Door Prize.

I can’t stop giggling. You crack me up Nick. “Didn’t you win this one yet Wendy?”

Yes…that is why I keep hoping for the TV or the 5K or car or whatever. :smiley:

maybe i’ll get something this time thanks

Didn’t you win the other one and they didn’t send it to you? Or something like that?

yep thats

I believe that a member should only be aloud to win once ever 90 day that way ever one get a chance. I think some thing fun going on here.

need to make the prize a win once per month per member arrangement

Thanks to NACHI and NICK I received my Radio today …
Great Idea one prize a month would allow others to get their chance .
I have only got the one prize .
I wonder what others feel should a person who is on the BB more then others be allowed to get more then One a month ?
Roy Cooke

I don’t know Roy. When I’ve won there have been between 34 to 65 members on the board. Seems pretty fair odds.

And what is your answer please Yes or no …Roy

No. It’s fair because people in differing time zones are able to be on the board at times that others aren’t. EVERYONE has a fair shot!

Did you notice that Michael won a VERY nice inspection package today? I didn’t? I don’t have one, maybe he does, and I could use one. But HE WON! Geeze.

I suspect one of the biggest reasons Nick did this was to increase board visitors. If you limit the prizes then that wouldn’t happen. I think Nick is a pretty smart man and probably thought this all through without any of our help.

I give up wendy wins Will try hard to ignore her

that seems fair. Don’t want to win Roy. Just want to be left alone.