Today's Daily Door Prize! First 5 Members to Reply Win!

First 5 members to reply will receive a free copy of the Means of Egress Video

I will declare the winners and all winners should contact for further information.

Oops…Pass… already purchased! Thanks anyway!


Pick me
Ed Bancroft
Brooksville, FL

Gerry Pollotta and Ed Bancroft are our first two winners, Three more to go!

maybe me?

Two more lucky winners to go!

I’d love to get access to the HVAC video.

DValley, We are only giving away the Means of Egress Video today, would you like one of those?

Am I too late?

No thank you, Claire.

I’m good.

No you are not to late, we still have one more winner to go!

I’m sorry, I just checked and I also already purchased this training video. Give it to another member thank you.

scratch that, 2 more winners!

Am i too late

Am I to late?


We have all the winners, Gerry Pollotta, Ed Boncroft, D. Levia, Robert Wind, Mark Candlish, Congradulations! Please email ben at to claim your prize!

I’ll take that as a “no”, then.

Pick me :slight_smile: