Today's DOUBLE daily door prize donated by NACHI.

1 set of amplified computer speakers. Connect to your MP3/CD player, protable TV or computer. Plug and play.


30 pk of Memorex Printible CD-Rs.

First one to reply to this post wins.

HI Nick

If I post first and second can I get double.

Robert wins!

Missed by a minute.

Great …This must be my day as I just picked up an inspection,and now this,so I hope the rest of the day continues this way.
While I have your attention Nick could you calm down members fears that this site is disappearing from Google.
Apparently a member from that other association is spreading false rumors over at TIJ.

Nothing to fear about …Nickeys good at that…
Tormorrow it will be tripple door prizes…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Dan what did you mean about the google thing? Sincerely, Kenfused

Ahh… Just some interesting info that I found on One of the Two, Non Org professional HI sites/ chat boards thats open to all.:wink: :wink:

[FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial]Ken,

It’s just O’Handy flapping his gums over at TIJ

Not very interesting(like your posts dharris:p) and just more bashing.

Hi just wondering ,how do I collect the prize.?Do I need to go to Colorado?