Todays Panel

A panel located in an out building, electricians delight.

IMG_0064panel (Small).JPG

“What’s the problem? It works, don’t it?” :mrgreen:

The man of the house often takes liberties wiring up the outbuildings that he otherwise might not in the house proper. Farms get pretty bad in that regard.

Looks kind of like my Dads old garage. Luckily he was in the Auto Body Business.


The wiring also functions as a door stop.

And the beer holder, I mean fridge, is right there just in case you get thirsty while working in the panel.

This may be the electricians delight,
ten boxes here
four mains wires… one panel marked as 3 phase
In the main shut off there are only three wires… the fourth has disappeared.
the meter is running through another meter on the exterior
two more panels near the furnace…
I did find one receptacle in the house with a ground

The listing stated… upgraded wiring

PS, Like the asbestos on the pipes above?.. I tried not to lick it!
And just ignore the leaking galvanized supply down below the meter