Tonight's MNF contest: First 20 to pick winning team (San Fran or AZ) correctly win..


San Francisco

I allready received a coin from you Nick, so please don’t count this a pick, however, just for fun, my pick is San Francisco.


The Cardinals


not sure if i was #20 or 21… if I am 20… then I will take San Franny

san fran

None left for AZ.
16 left for SF.

I’ll take SF and donate the coin if I win, as I have one.

San Fran

I’m stuck with San Fransisco.

San Francisco

San Francisco

san Francisco…

Put me in for San Fran, a long shot is better then no shot

None left for AZ.
9 left for SF.

San Fransisco

None left for AZ.
8 left for SF.

Ok, SF