Tool to measure service wires

Years ago I had service entrance wire gauges. They worked like a screw or nail gauge. They were white plastic cards with notches showing the sizes of service wires and listed their max amps. I have given the few I had away and was looking for replacements. Does anyone know where to find these?


14.95 towards the bottom of the page

It is very similar to the one I had.

I have a piece of plexiglass with notches cut into it. Was given it in training class. Should be easy to replicate. Only couple inches wide by 6 inches long, fits nicely in tool belt. I should make a template of the notches for future use (after I lose this one).

When I was an electrical contractor, most of the supply houses I bought from gave them away free. It might be worth stopping at an electrical supply house. Even if they aren’t free, they probably have them.

It should not be that hard to identify a wire size visually after a few inspections. Conductor and cable labels will help also.

Maybe something Nick should look into with InterNachi advertisement on it
He is the man with the connections

This is not about me, I usually use it for new inspectors. Several have asked for them I I no longer have one help them. Ideally I would like several.

it’s simple to make these
obtain plexi or plastic sheet material
drill holes or mark to required wire sizes centered in the sheet
cut in half to make 2 at a time

This is the only one I’ve been able to find. With the shipping it’s about $27. A little pricey for a piece of plastic. I checked a couple local supply houses, they were having trouble grasping the concept. I’ll keep looking. I also did an exhaustive Google search. Nada.

How accurate are these tools? If you had compact conductors (like most aluminum conductors) they will they be smaller than the same size standard conductors, can these tools actually differentiate between compact and normal conductors or would you still need to look at the labeling on the conductor itself which would tell you the size?

They are not an end all and be all but they give the new inspector a perspective.