Top 10 Recommendations

Hi everybody.

In order to cut a deal with ACE Hardware, Home Depot or Lowe’s to provide $25 gift cards to every InterNACHI Inspector, they want some general understanding of the following:

What are your top 10 items that are most frequently recommended to repair, correct or replace**?**

For me, my top 10 items that I most frequently recommended to repair, correct or replace were:

  1. Plumbing problems (toilet, faucet, drain, drips)
  2. HVAC (service and cleaning recommendation)
  3. GFCI (broken, missing or miswired)
  4. Electrical (bad or improper wiring)
  5. Gutters (cleaning or repair needed)
  6. Window (damaged, cracked or inoperable)
  7. Exterior siding problems (paint, caulking, rot, trim)
  8. Roof (flashing, damaged covering)
  9. Insulation (missing, inadequate, improperly installed)
  10. Handrail (loose, missing, not safe)

What are your top 10?

Totally different from what mine would be.

Most common write up is a toss up between lack of kitchen exhaust method or openings in a tub/shower area

Most common $$$ issue would be exterior wall cover step cracks,missing mortar,lack of flashing,etc.

You almost need this in two sections for serious issues observed and common minor issues that can cause a future serious issue.

No doubt location will be a big factor in the answers.

Lack of smoke and CO detectors in their proper places is probably my #1.


What ever the defect may be I recommend repair/replacement to be done by a qualified professional, not by my client.

Or divide into… **DIY **and non-DIY.

Also, “Chicago” Urban is going to be a heck of a lot different than “Minnesota” Rural, or “Los Angeles” Suburban.

  1. Terracing, grading, gutters, downspouts, vegetation.

  2. Roof.

  3. Electrical.

You guys having a hard time counting to ten:D:D

  1. Plumbing faucets/drain line leaks
  2. Dishwasher drain line no high loop installed
  3. Electrical GFCI’s not tripping
  4. Electrical double tapped breakers
  5. Loose electrical connections main/and or sub panels excessive temp
  6. A/C exterior condensers blocked with lint
  7. Dryer vents improperly terminated and or joints having screws installed
  8. Missing insulation on A/C supply air ducts in a non-conditioned space
  9. Missing and or lack of insulation within the attic
  10. A/C A-coil blocked with lint due to lack of return air filter changeout

exhaust fans

Out of the three I listed, there are hundreds of items within. I figured three would be enough. You can also check the bottom of this page on my web site. This list has not changed in 8 years.

You must have some HVAC experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are two that most certain to be on maintance list, downspout extensions and furance air filters.

Not much;-) but that listed is just common sense stuff

Are there any recommendations that always appear in your inspection report? As a default.

For example, Get the HVAC system serviced and further evaluated.

Blower filters, garage door/opener maintenance, exterior caulking/paint, door knob adjustments/lubrication, gutter cleaning, faucet/water line monitoring.

I have only one that appears in every report and it pertains to the topography of the landscape surrounding the foundation. I try not to insult client intelligence If the client is a mechanical engineer or a single mom determines what default goes into the report

Not listed in the order of importance, but in the order of most common write-up…

  1. Electrical–double-lugged neutral, either two together or coupled with grounds.

  2. GFCIs not installed in proper receptacles.

  3. Exterior brick wall cracks and openings.

      1. Lack of drip edges. Multiple layers of asphalt shingles. (Tie)
  4. Improperly installed windows. (Frames with openings at the top allowing water to enter–very common around here.)

  5. Improper flashings a chimney base. (And lack of “cricket” or “saddle” at chimney base.)

  6. GFCIs not working, either by themselves or from downstream receptacles.

  7. Issues of various kinds with aluminum or vinyl siding.

  8. Interior door and window alignment. Includes door knobs and latches–window sills and tracks–and out-of-alignment-Realtors.

  1. Beer fridge empty
  2. BBQ igniter inoperable
  3. …well, nothing else matters after 1 & 2 above!


What kind of clients you got that they don’t ensure the fridge is stocked and BBQ is started–with spare ribs smoking for at least 6 hours…?

I find this on every inspection–it’s in the PIA.


Friggin’ bankers!!!

Smoke Detectors
GFCI outlets
Furnace Air Filters
Anti Siphons for hose bibs
Caulk indoor and out.

Also Recommend a professional Chimney and Flue cleaning and inspection.