TOP 5 HI Tools

New guy here asking the vets:

“What Top 5 tools would you suggest I buy to get started”

“What Top 5 tools can you not live without as a HI today”

I use these on every inspection. There are other tools but they are not used EVERY inspection.

Quality flashlight. I prefer LED.
Moisture Meter
Multi-tip screwdriver
Electrical tester

Ladder, flashlight, outlet tester, power screwdriver & awl…

Amprobe insp-3
GE protimeter (moisture meter)
Flir E8 Infrared camera
Zircon MT-6 Metalliscanner (wind mitigations)
digital camera with at least 30x zoom (I have used a Fuji s4900 for years)

2nd Five

LED headlamp in addition to handheld flashlight
telescopic ladder
bicycle helmet in attic so you don’t impale yourself on roof sheathing nails
two pairs of shoes (one pair for inside and one for outside)
insulated screwdrivers

A good camera I should have included in my 5.

Fein 9 in 1 screwdriver (hex)
Voltage sniffer (Milwaukee) multi meter
(It took only once on a live dead front)
Extension and step ladders ( 20’/7’)
Outlet/GFC tester
FLIR One and iPhone 5s camera

That’s not a tool, that’s a gimmick.

I thought Fein made a good screwdriver… What are you saying?

FLIR also has a good line of professional IR cameras. The FLIR one should be in every inspectors tool bag even if they aren’t technically qualified to use the E8. It’s a good tool.

Just so happens it only is compatible with iPhone 5s

Perhaps that isn’t a good enough tool either…

Your friggin brain… Yep!

I guess that everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it’s a bad one. Interesting that you think someone could possibly be qualified to use a FLIR One on a professional inspection and not be qualified to use the E8, at the same time…

Is it because if you use the FLIR One, you are expected to be incompetent anyway so it really doesn’t matter?

Opinions are like elbows… Everyone should have at least two unless you are limited to only one.

You got me thinking about what I use on EVERY inspection. A ladder doesn’t make my list because of all the downtown skyscraper condos that I inspect, i.e., no attic and no roof. Ergo, no need for a ladder.

So here’s what I use on EVERY inspection:

Pen & paper
Outlet tester

There’s more on the list if I include what I TAKE to EVERY inspection:

Moisture meter

I rarely use anything other than listed below.
List is in order of most use.

4]3 light tester
5]Black and Decker lithium rechargeable driver
6]articulated 18 foot ladder
7]moisture meter
8]telescopic pole for video of roofs not accessible
9]mini crowbar
10]mini superball for level

What is a “ticker”? Google didn’t help me.

Non-contact voltage detector

It’s Bob… Are you sure he didn’t mean “tickler”? :twisted:

Excellent advice. A non-contact voltage detector is an absolute must. Literally, a life saver.

  1. Understanding wife.
  2. InterNACHI educational tests.
  3. Nice clothes to wear.
  4. Clean vehicle.
  5. Smile.

You mean your ticker does not tick ? TICK TICK