Tower Hill 4-point requirements

This past Friday had a home inspection on a property built in 2005. Received a call Monday requesting that I also add a 4-point inspection. Apparently if the home is a short sale or foreclosure the Insurers are beginning to realize that some of these properties have had things such as plumbing fixtures removed. I have attached a copy of the 4-point Inspection report from Tower Hill Group which includes what pictures are required.
Note: under the plumbing section they will not insure if the home has pex piping. This should get interesting in that the majority of new construction in my area is done with pex. What the freak pex is approved for use in all 50 states. Maybe since the Insurance industry has done such a great job with OIR-B1-1802 they should also begin writing Building Code:mrgreen:

Wonder how the people in Palm Beach are going to feel when they have to get letters from the county telling the insurance company it is allowable to have the TPR valve line terminate in the garage?

They are not only re-writing the code, but enforcing it as well.

PEX is better than copper. Why do you think PEX had a 25 year warranty and the warranty on copper runs out when the plumbers tail lights are out of view. Maybe when they see the cost to put in copper vs pex before they sell it they will change their tune.

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This might be what the PEX issue is about, I would advise the client to verify with the insurance company speciffically.

***To qualify, you must own or have owned a structure containing an RTI Plumb-PEX Plumbing System containing ASTM standard F1807 brass insert fittings and stainless steel clamps sold by Radiant Technology, Inc.(“RTI”) or Uponor, Inc. and installed on or after May 15, 1999:

Some more info

May be no more than a hill of beans but, I did notice that the last requirement to be a qualified inspector is: Florida Home Inspector “licensed by”, then goes on to mention NACHI, FABI, ASHI… None of those organizations license anyone. They "certify’. The State of Florida Licenses. Maybe it isn’t a big deal but, I thought I’d mention that observation.


I saw that as well.

Once again, the insurance companies are performing work out of the scope of their license, ie, enforcing and over-writing the building code.

The state does not license either-we are Florida State Certifed Home Inspectors. We are certifed under F.S 468.

Really? So this isn’t a license from the State of Florida? Wonder why it would say that at the top of the form?..Hmmmm.


I’m not sure what the difference is, but contractors are certified and inspectors are licensed. Realtors are licensed, as well.

Just a quick question, is anyone going to alert us that our licenses expire in July?:mrgreen:

The State will send you a renewal notice soon.

They’re very good at reminding you when you have to pay.