No Insurance ----PEX Plumbing

Just got a call from a RE Agent that told me that USAA would not write insurance on a 2005 Home with PEX plumbing pipe that I inspected. Anyone else heard of this? I know there is a class action law suite on some PEX but not all. Insurance agent says the PEX has to be installed after 2012! Looks like they are starting more cherry picking.

Yes, I had a Realtor tell me the same thing Monday.

Must be a new guy at the desk

Tower Hill for one. Buyer purchased home built in 2005 with no home inspection.
TH requested a 4 point since their was no home inspection performed.

My first thought on that was my buyer inspections that are performed for a real estate purchase contract only, are now being used by insurance companies!

Add to that a request last week from an insurance agent to provide a copy of a 4 point I did in 2009!

PEX? Crazy. Maybe since some home inspections mis-identify Poly.

I heard it today from an insurance agent, also FPE and sylvainia/zinsco panels.

They (Insurance companies) are absolutely now refusing to insure homes with PEX. My client went to 2 other insurance companies today and they are not writing insurance on homes with PEX pipe. What now ? RE agent may loose deal…so what the insurance companies are now going to stop RE sales dead in their tracks…what a load a crap.:twisted:

Do we now disclose that you may not be able to get insurance with PEX plumbing like we do Poly now ??? If so how many of you are doing it right now ?

I inform the clients that they may have trouble getting insurance or have increased premiums whenever I find any of the following:

  1. FPE Panels
  2. Zinsco panels
  3. Aluminum wiring
  4. Polybutylene
  5. PEX

And, that it should be determined prior to purchase if they can get insurance.
IN some instances, like one I am going through right now on the worst home I have ever inspected, lack of permits and a failed roof so no roof certification can be done, as well as a four-point that can’t be completed due to the roof, electrical and plumbing conditions.

Whenever I inspect an older home, I make all of my clients aware that insurance issues may also arise after they have been in the home for a year or two.

And, now, we have insurance companies requesting complete home inspections in order to keep insurance! It happened to my brother.

Must be a Florida thing, I have inspected many homes built around that time period with PEX tubing.

I do as well on all of the above but until now have left out PEX piping-------I am absolutely astounded at what’s happening here in this state regarding insurance companies cherry picking what they cover ! They are controlling everything from building code to who you get as a doctor, unbelievable!

Make a contact for you Insurance agents.** Do not give them a free ride.

Ed remember the insurance company can not use your report unless you granted them permission to do so or you have a loop hole in the PIA…

I use a clause in my report. The anti santa clause. No free presents.
**No one is allowed using my report except the client. **It is a copy writer and liability for any use other than by the client may be yade yade yade.
Standard INACHI and I also use CD PIA limited and no

The inspection report is for the exclusive use of the client named herein. No use of the information by any other party is intended.
This is a copy-write and is to be kept by the contracted client only.

Call you local politician!!

All of our politician are crooked!!!

The Pex BS sounds like a clerical mistake or just a way to prevent having too many Florida policies since they end up paying out a much higher ratio of claims on them.

[FONT=Calibri]I first came across this situation a little over a year ago. [/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri]The issue regarding a Pex installation is not the piping itself but inferior Zurn brass connectors that were used at the plumbing connections. Again—made in China.

Many of the connectors have failed and the insurance companies are not smart enough to realize that the Pex system itself is a good system and the problem lies with the defective connectors.

The insurers just use a broad brush stroke and refuse to insure any Pex system.

The connectors in question are no longer on the market.

Web link for additional information:

Allen thank you.
Any way to recognition a ZERN fitting?

More PEX info

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this is really informative: click here

Thanks Fred this is really going to suck…

Robert, that is all fine and good, until the insurance company tells the client that without a report, they won’t get insurance. Which is exactly what is happening.

Bruce, as I have been saying all along with regards to the wind mitigation nonsense, choice number two is the correct answer. :wink:

Yea…once again we the “messengers” are going to even more unwelcome by RE Agents!

I am going to use some connections with the local home home builders associations to see if we can get some answers on this from the Florida Home Builders associations(FHBA).