Toxins At Bank Owned (or any) Home Inspection

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I’m sure many of you can relate to the subject of Rodent/Animal activity on the rise when it comes to Bank Owned/Abandoned Homes. Here is an interesting issue I came across in an Abandoned/Bank owned Home while conducting a Home Inspection. On the shelf in the Garage was a highly Toxic Bottle(s) of Chlordane. Chlordane was a Pest Control Chemical used in the 80’s and 90’s. The EPA removed it from use because of the dangers of the product. We Informed the local EPA on the substance needing proper removal. The Listing agent wasn’t very happy about that. You try and do the right thing and Some people can still cause a stink.

I’d like to know if anyone out there has come across toxins at a home Inspection and your experience on informing your clients.


I think I would have given the agent a courtesy heads up before going over anyone’s head. I just inspect and report what I see unless there is immediate danger. Once it’s reported they can proceed how they see fit.

I probably wouldn’t have recognized it as toxic. Probably because i most likely would not have been looking at the bottles on the shelves to start with. Maybe you have experience with those chemicals and would be more inclined to do so. Not me. But I would have done as Wayne suggested.


I agree with Bert. The garbage left behind in a 4clsd Port St. Lucie home is none of my business and I don’t waste time looking at it. The contents of a house are not part of the inspection.

wish you would’ve called me. I would have picked it up to use at my house.

SO you do not look at any waste material around a home abandoned? I am not sure i would have reported to the epa but i would have made mention of it the report. Wait to come across a suspected meth house .

My thoughts exactly. It was probably banned because it worked too well.:mrgreen:

In Chester County PA, I have inspected several Barns and Farms.
Chlordane is a common find.
I have also found Water Soluable Arsenic…
plus 55 gallon drums with just a ? mark on them…

I let the Client know…
Your perception of the actual hazard may have been misguided.

Which is more hazardous…

  • Chlordane in a bottle on the shelf?
  • Chlordane applied within the crawl space you are about to enter?