Florida Information about Pest Control and WDO Regulations

Florida Chapter 482 Pest Control and WDO Regulations are available at www.nachi.org/florida.htm#WDO as a downloadable PDF.

Ben That is not what Ms. Czerniak told me .

Ms. Czerniak
As a Florida licensed home inspector if I see live termites and evidence of such as subterranean mud tubes and include such finding in my report to my client would I be in any violation.
When I find evidence of WDO’s I always recommend a licensed pest control contractor evaluate further.

Here is an example that maybe see in my report.
“Evidence of wood destroying insects was noted… I.e. Subterranean termite mud tubes. Live organisms was noted at the time of inspection. Recommend a licensed pest control contractor evaluate further.”

Would I be in any sort of violation as a Florida licensed home inspector with the above statement in my report?

Roy Lewis

Her Reply…
Dear Mr. Lewis:
Thank you for your inquiry. As long as you are not advertising WDO inspections as being part of your service and collecting fees for a WDO report, you are in compliance with Chapter 482 Florida Statutes. The way you are handling your WDO observations in the report is acceptable, and further recommending that the homeowner contact a licensed pest control company for evaluation is a good practice also.


Marlene Czerniak

Assistant Chief/Environmental Administrator

Division of Agricultural Environmental Services

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(850) 617-7996

Roy, I remember the thread when you posted the state reply.
IMO as long as you say “suspect” evidence or “suspect” live subs, drywood, etc. you are within your rights.

You call & ask DACS 3 times, you may get 3 different responses. :wink:

I used to teach annual license re-certification.
<<MG>> State Lic Termite Operator #2446 :slight_smile:

One of my last homes had live droppings and larvae in the hinge area of the French doors. Took the photos and stated professional consultation with a termite inspector as noted by some live pest activity. I don’t want to take away their monopoly on the word termite.

They do not have a monopoly on the word ‘termite’. It is in the dictioinary. Anyone can use it. Just be right when you do

You said termite ~ I’m telling my mom!
heh heh :mrgreen:

&%#@#@())(!!! Bug Hunter:mrgreen:

Were going to have to start censoring our inspection reports.

There was evidence of @#&% in the Southeast corner of the crawlspace. It appears to be cause by @&%*.

This is why I always recommend having a termite inspection by a pest control company.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

The key here is " Home Inspector " a home inspection report can not definitively state WDO activity, only suggest there is activity and recommend further action by a licensed card holder. I am a card holder as well as a licensed home inspector and I can only suggest WDO activity in my reports.

Wood destroying organisms for a real estate transaction must be reported on the 13645 form by a DACS issued ID card holder properly trained to do so.

There is nothing wrong with referring it to such persons in your home inspection report. If you are going to call it something(i.e., termites) you best be right though.

Why stick your neck out. Say it to the Client but be careful what you put in writing. You should know that anything you put in writing MIGHT come back and bite you in a litigation case. You don’t want to scare the Client/Realtor, whomever and they maybe loose the contract because of what the Home inspector said. You are NOT a WDO inspector! You’re not trained to recognize termites/ damage etc. Don’t play with fire. That’s my advice.

What appears to be…

I know what a termite is and if I see evidence I will state such in my report. I also state the this is not a termite report and they need to get one and any treatment recommended by a licensed CPO. We had this discussion with Michael Paige years ago. As long as you are correct you have nothing to worry about. For those of you that say your are termite certified through this association but do not hold a state certifications / card, you are playing with fire.

Good one Bill! :slight_smile: