TPI Corp

Hi y’all,

I’m looking to get an age on a TPI electric heater (split system). I’ve used the HVAC dating chart someone on this MB so graciously donated and I’ve tried to buy a Preston’s with no luck (there website doesn’t lend itself to actually buying a book – of course that may have changed since I’ve not looked for a few months)

Anyway, I’ve got a TPI with a model but no serial.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance (as usual) :slight_smile:


I’d like to help you but I have chosen not to replace my Preston’s Guide that one of my former employees never returned. I didn’t use it much anyway, and when I did, I found that it was sorely lacking and often incorrect. However, that leaves me relying solely on serial numbers, which I’m quite good at, but without the serial number I can’t help you, Bruce. Sorry.