TPR connected to hose

Found this in yesterdays inspection. A hose was connected to TPR which lead to sump pit. Haven’t seen this before and I don’t think its a good idea. If tpr is leaking how will you know, so I called it out. Who else has a problem with this.

I would hope that everyone here has a problem with it. I know I do.

Btw… I would take that as a clue that the TPRV is actually leaking.

The word Whip comes to mind

Maybe KEVIN will chime in. :wink:

Piping has to be approved for distribution piping. “Hose” is not.

Sorry I only follow the InterNachi plumbing inspection guidlines and am not a Code Inspector but right it up anyways and back it up by the 2006 RBC.:smiley:

So, since you are not a code inspector, you are saying this is okay???

Kevin, meet “The Meeker”. “The Meeker”, meet Kevin.

I don’t know what else to say!!! :shock::shock::shock:

Funny, I don’t care who you are! :smiley:

I suspect “The Meeker” may take issue with it! :twisted:

Does InterNachi say it is OK! I think not.

And the back-peddaling begins…! :stuck_out_tongue:

End of hose is not visible to view leaking ,pipe should be the same as that approved for water supply pipe,see no required 1/4" per foot slope.(no threaded pipe allowed to prevent additions is allowed)(Nice workaround attempt):slight_smile:

Last that thing can be kinked.

Note: get a battery backup on that sump and must be in the sticks as I see it is propane energized.

No drip leg on the water heater either.

Wow! I can’t believe how much I have learned from the MB today.

The T&P (Test and Pressure) valve on water heater needs a 3/4 threaded pipe to extend within 6 inches of floor for safety. (PVC is not approved for hot water use). I recommend repair by a qualified person. You must also have an air gap on the end of it to make sure it is not defective.
You will have to look close on the discharge pipe to make sure it is not approved for the discharge temperature before assuming that the PVC will not be OK.
Remember for all those that are new 150 PSI and 210 degrees F is needed stamped or written on the discharge pipe itself.
Nice comment from Rick!

Test and pressure? TEST and pressure? TEST and pressure?

Intellect[/size] :roll:

That is correct but I will not change the format on my HomeGauge nor will I change the picture of wrong wording on the InterNachi graphic. You have no Idea how many wrong statements I see on a daily basis and this does not have anything to do with Intellect. I talk to Professional’s on many levels and only stop in on the InterNachi MB to get a good laugh.

I would write this up and explain to the buyer why

In CANADA all our books say TPRV (Temperature Pressure Relief Valve) or in wording Safety release valve and in some illustrations Pressure relief valve.
There is now cpvc that can handle the pressure and temperature so you can’t assume the plastic pipe in the InterNachi illustration is wrong nor the wording.

Here is one from an inspection for you to look at and tell me what is wrong.:shock: