TPR drain line

Would you call this TPR drain line out as defective?


I think a pic might help!!!


well i sure would not have put that extension on it…would i cut it off? …probably not…jmho…jim

Looks OK from here.

No, a trip hazard maybe though.



I can’t tell from the pic but it kind of looks like the pipe is reduced in size at the elbow. If so that’s wrong, and should be called out. If it’s the same diameter as the TPR then it’s ok as long as it is going down hill. (Seems like kind of a waste of expensive copper to me though.)

Now that was a good eye , sure looks reduced

Good call. I did not see that in the photo.

This is wrong! The reason that the TPR is supposed to terminate with an elbow downward and 4-6" from grade is to prevent scalding.