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Is this tpr valve discharge pipe installed correctly. looks reduced to me but maybe I am wrong. I would like as many answers as possible so I can get another tpr valve trophy. It seems everywhere I reasearch I see the outlet pipe must be same size as the outlet on the valve. It does not appear that way to me. Would you call this out in a 4 point inspection. After we all have had our say I will gladly say what I did even if it is different from you all. I would appreciate 20 or so real non bs opinions. I am trying to help educate a client.

It has a reducing bushing installed.

Does anyone think the discharge line is 2" diameter? Please do not laugh at me the client thinks it is. I am really trying to educate her that it really is wrong and dangerous and she does not want to understand it because it means she have to fix it.

Yes! I would report it.

Yes is that allowed on a tpr outlet? Nothing I have saw anywhere says it can be reduced at all.

According to present day requirements, water heaters should have a pressure relief valve and drain line which flows by gravity to the exterior, or downward to within 6 inches of the structure floor. The size of the drain line should match the outlet size of the relief valve, and an auxiliary pan with a 1" drain line, which drains to the exterior is required underneath when the unit is installed at or above the level of the living area.

Please as many people see this respond because I do not want her home to be unsafe and she really needs to know the truth.

Yes roy that is what I know becuase I do hold the award :slight_smile:

Please EVERYONE tell her your opinion on her water heater. your opinion do not just agree with me please.

What award do you hold?

Meeker, why is even a question in your mind?

I think he is takin’ painkillers again!:smiley:

It is absolutely and unequivocally wrong


I just posted this for fun. Lets not discus it at this time here as I only wish to help this lady see that it needs to be corrected :slight_smile:

If she don’t believe you then why do you think she will believe us?

I have sent her that along with around 10 other clips from various sources.

I just want her to see what as many as will take part have to say so maybe she will be safe.

You’re just beaming with pride in that pic! :slight_smile:
It should be 3/4" very simple repair.

Well ! send her this from the ICC.

This is part of her last letter just minutes ago to me. PLEASE SPEAK UP AND TELL HER OF THE DANGERS FOR HER SAFETY The more that do the better chance of saving a life?

Mike, the valve is marked as 1/2"! The pipes are easily measurable at 1/2". Two different certified/licensed plumbers and a licensed inspector told me and documented it as meeting code. If you need to check with your peers, do so. I really don’t need any further feedback re this. Apparently you made a mistake as everyone does.