TPR valve on pool heater

I have seen several gas pool heaters that have a TPR valve. The valve looks just like one normally on a residential water heater… but the pool heaters do not have an extension like that on a water heater.
I’m wondering if there is any recommendation or code concerning the installation of a pressure relief valve on a pool heater. I couldn’t find one.
I’ve seen a few of these, and on the others, I recommended the addition of the extension for safety. This one is a new construction, and would like to cite more than my opinion to the builder…

BTW, I looked at the manufacturer’s install document - it recommends the valve, but nothing about an extension.

From a Rheem pool / spa heater install guide in regards to the PRV:

To avoid water damage or scalding due to
valve operation, drain pipe must be connected to valve
outlet and run to a safe place of discharge. Drain pipe
must be the same size as the valve discharge connection
throughout its entire length and must pitch downward
from the valve. No shut-off valve shall be
installed between the relief valve and the drain line.
Valve lever should be tripped at least once a year to
ensure that waterways are clear.

I agree there should be a drain extension for safety reasons just like in the water heaters.